Friday, June 05, 2009

You're hired!

Perhaps today should have been a day of bold new appointments in PM Gordon Brown's reshuffle of his cabinet. Yet another minister has stepped down amidst calls within the Labour Party for Brown to step down. One positive change was adding Alan Johnson as Home Secretary. Most others have kept their positions in what appears as a very minor --- too little, too late? --- reshuffle.

The one item that has caught some attention is the appointment of Sir Alan Sugar --- the star of the reality television show The Apprentice with his catch phrase "you're fired!" --- as the new enterprise tsar. It is widely expected that Brown will nominate him to join the House of Lords. Details here.

Thus, the Prime Minister turns to reality tv to help save his political skin. My only surprise is he did not sound out Simon Cowell as entertainment tsar --- after all, why stop at Sir Alan (or should we prepare to call him "Lord Sugar")?

I cannot help but think this is not going to improve Brown's position. An opportunity lost. Now let's all await the headline we know is on the horizon --- thanks to Simon Kirchin for noting this to me --- "Brown: you're fired!"

UPDATE: How bad a night was it for Labour? Try this: they no longer control a single county council in England. Details here.

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