Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thom Brooks on "Cosmopolitanism and Distributing Responsibilities"

Thom Brooks on "Cosmopolitanism and Distributing Responsibilities," Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 5(3) (2002): 92-97. (subscription-only)

This is part of a symposium on 'cosmopolitanism' with David Miller and Thomas Pogge.


David Miller raises a number of interesting concerns with both weak and strong variants of cosmopolitanism. As an alternative, he defends a connection theory to address remedial responsibilities amongst states. This connection theory is problematic as it endorses a position where states that are causally and morally responsible for deprivation and suffering in other states may not be held remedially responsible for their actions. In addition, there is no international mechanism to ensure either that remedially responsible states offer assistance to particular states nor some level of accountability for causally and/or morally responsible states. I suggest that an intermediary theory of cosmopolitanism offers one way of overcoming these difficulties.

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