Monday, August 10, 2009

Philosophy journal survey

. . . is here. I nervously await the results with a few concerns:

(1) First, I wonder how precise the numbers will be. For example, I've submitted many papers to many journals. I've had better experiences with some journals than others. However, I'd be hard pressed to remember precisely how many weeks/months any paper was with any journal. Either way, the information will be incomplete: only editors will know precisely the average review times, etc. The JMP publishes its results in its issues.

(2) A second related concern is the sample: I'm simply guessing that those with negative experiences will be more likely to take part than those with positive experiences. For this reason, I hope colleagues do take the survey to provide a more representative sample.

(3) A third concern is editing itself. This is yet another reason why I encourage colleagues to attend the APA-Eastern this year in New York where there will be a panel hosted by the relaunched Association of Philosophy Journal Editors. There will be a wide ranging debate taking place on 28th December.

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