Monday, September 07, 2009

The Philosophers' Carnival XCVI

Welcome to the Philosophers' Carnival!

Go on. Pick a tent. There is lots in store!

Tent #1

In the first tent, we have an interesting post on the problem of evil from MandM in part one and part two. Another day, another problem . . .

Tent #2

Over at the second tent, we see It's Only a Theory discussing the question of whether scientific methods and data should be made public here. Of course, you can always go here if you really want to make your mind spin . . . Now if only I knew the method behind my madness . . .

Tent #3

Getting confused amongst so many tempts? Now only if there was an instrumental way to guide oneself through . . . Wait. I've got it. We're in the right tent after all: here we find "King" Richard Chappell at Philosophy Etc discussing 'The Mark of the Instrumental' (and the distinction between instrinsic and instrumental value) here. Intrinsically interesting for instrumental reasons?

Tent #4 how do we know what is in this tent? Well, it looks like we've stumpled upon the right place. Here we find a terrific post on 'the relevant alternative theory of knowledge' from our friends at the Florida Student Philosophy Blog here. But don't just take my word for it: get your counterfactuals (or rather discussion on counterfactuals) here! Now if only I knew who I was . . .

Food Court

Getting hungry? Over at the carnival's world famous food court, we find this post -- from Pet Chatter -- on the question of whether we should all become vegetarians here. Yum, yum!

Tent #5

Now if only there was a good way to describe this tent . . . Hmm. I've got it! Over at The Evolving Mind there is an interesting post here on the problem of loose-fitting words. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but . . .

Tent #6

Over at the Brooks Blog, we find one post here on moral sentiments and the justification of punishment and we learn that the Archbishop of Canterbury attended the Hegel Society of Great Britain conference in Oxford here. Who ever said the Owl of Minerva takes flight only at the onset of dusk . . . ?

Tent #7

Inspired to create your own utopian carnival now that you have enjoyed a day out at this philosophers' carnival? The possibility of utopia is discussed here by Perplexicon. Perhaps utopia is in the eyes of the believer . . . ?

Come again!

I hope that you have enjoyed this edition of the Philosophers' Carnival. Please visit the Carnival website here for information on the next Carnival and how to submit posts. It has been a pleasure hosting you here at the Brooks Blog. Please do come again!

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