Thursday, December 31, 2009

Association of Philosophy Journal Editors relaunch

The Association of Philosophy Journal Editors (APJE) was relaunced at the American Philosophical Association--Eastern Division meeting in New York on 28th December. The editors of Ethics, Journal of Moral Philosophy, Journal of Social Philosophy, Philosophical Review, and Public Affairs Quarterly sat on our roundtable. Editors and representatives from any number of journals were also in attendance, including Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy, Hypatia, Journal of the History of Philosophy, and a number of other journals.

The discussion was outstanding, as expected. One item that arose from discussion was that many journals have rather different methods of conducting reviews. I was particularly impressed by the book review editorial team at Philosophical Review.

Future sessions of APJE will be planned for the future. The plan will probably be to meet once per year at the Eastern with our 2010 proposed topic 'electronic publishing'. More details will be posted when I have them.

In the meantime, my thanks to the editors and authors who took the time to attend this very helpful session. The APJE is back!

APA Committee on the Status of Women

I greatly enjoyed the fantastic session organized by the American Philosophical Association's Committee on the Status of Women on journals held at the Eastern Division meeting. The proceedings of the session will be published and I will note the link when they are. As expected, Sally Haslanger's survey produced some highly interesting results: the results will be released soon (I understand on the SWIP website) and, again, I'll note the link when it is up.

One further item that arose in this session (and the relaunch of the Association of Philosophy Journal Editors session) was that reviewers of journal submissions too often receive little, if any, good advice on reviewing papers. I have been genuinely gobsmacked by how well received my paper on publishing advice (found in the right hand column, upper right, on this blog) has been received. I am now committed to drawing up a new paper on advice on reviewing papers that I will post on this blog probably in the next month or two.

My thanks again to the committee for kindly inviting me to take part in this session. I learned much and I look forward to future discussions.

The Queen's New Years Honours

. . . can be found here. While several academics are honoured, nothing (once more) for those in philosophy or politics. Nevertheless, special congrats also to my Newcastle colleague, John Burn (Professor of Clinical Genetics), who has received a knighthood.

Monday, December 14, 2009