Tuesday, August 31, 2010

When will the GOP make up its mind about Barack Obama?

First, we were told to reject US President Barack Obama's policies as stemming from "socialism" --- such as his desire for health care reform -- and wider extreme leftwing beliefs.

Now we learn that a majority of US Republicans actually believe that Obama wants to impose Sharia Law on the US and abroad(!) (Note: seriously, readers, I wish I were making this up!)

I don't know anyone who thinks that somebody who has sympathies with leftwing politics (and not necessarily socialist politics) would want to impose Sharia Law. So last year Obama is a dangerous socialist and now a majority believe he holds perhaps more extreme conservative views than they do? Bizarre. Of course, it's even more bizarre given Obama's views on any number of social policies....and even more bizarre than that given he is instead a devout Christian.

So what explains why Republican Party members go from one extreme (and ill-informed) view of Barack Obama to the next without any sense of contradiction and completely ill-informed? Well, one reason might be that members want to scaremonger, but I suspect the reason is something worse . . .

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