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CFP: MANCEPT Workshops in Political Theory

MANCEPT Workshops in Political Theory

Eighth Annual Conference: August 31-September 2, 2011

Call for Convenors

From 2011, the Manchester Centre for Political Theory (MANCEPT) in Politics at the University of Manchester will be organizing the annual Political Theory Workshops. Over the last seven years, participants from over twenty countries have come together in a series of workshops concerned with issues in political theory/philosophy widely construed. This note is a first call for convenors for the 2011 workshops.

Workshop Structure

Convenors organize a workshop which can have between 3 and 12 paper-givers. The reading of these papers takes place over four sessions, each lasting three and a half hours. For workshops with just 3 paper givers this normally requires only one session, with 6 papers 2 sessions and so on. In most cases, paper-givers will be asked to speak for 30 minutes, and will then field questions and comments for a further 30 minutes. However, workshop convenors are free to organize the length of the presentation and question time as they see fit. In short, a workshop can last for one session, or it may extend through all four sessions. For example, some may find it convenient to squeeze four paper-givers into one session or use 2 sessions with 2 papers read per session. Also, if a workshop has, say, 5 paper-givers, the second session can finish an hour early. On occasion workshop convenors in the past have had a 'round table' discussion about a particular topic. This could have up to six speakers and would normally last for only one session.

Please also note that workshop convenors decide which papers to accept in their workshop. (We do not vet papers and workshops range from those which discuss fully developed papers to those where nascent ideas are given their first hearing.) There is no conference policy on whether papers should be circulated to other workshop participants in advance and, again, this is for the workshop convenors to decide. We do provide a conference website where papers can be posted or they can be circulated among workshop paper givers through email etc.

While participants in the MANCEPT workshops need not be paper givers, and workshop chairs may decide not to deliver a paper, all participants must be attached to a particular workshop and their attendance agreed by with the workshop convenor. Note, too, that delegates are free to attend any workshop they like during the 4 sessions when their own workshop is not meeting.

Conference Fee and Accommodation

The standard conference fee is £190 (£130 for students). This includes dinner on second evening of 1st September, lunches on arrival and on the 1st, and a wine reception (plus plenty of coffee, tea, and biscuits).

We do not find accommodation for all workshop participants but we do have 60 B&B en suite rooms in University Halls of Residence. These are given on a first come first served basis and cost £80 for 2 nights accommodation (31st August and 1st September).

Please note that our financial resources are very limited. All participants, including workshop convenors, should get funding from their own institutions. Paper-givers on part-time academic contracts may qualify for the reduced postgraduate fee, even if they are not technically postgraduates any more. This would be decided on a case-by-case basis.

If you are interested in convening a workshop, please contact David Rhys Birks. You are also welcome to contact the MANCEPT organising team to discuss any issues that arise.

They are: Kimberley Brownlee, Thomas Porter, and Stephen de Wijze

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