Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Journal of Moral Philosophy 7(4) (2010)

Journal of Moral Philosophy: An International Journal of Moral, Political, and Legal Philosophy
Volume 7, number 4 (2010)

Sonu Bedi, 'Expressive Exclusion', pp. 427-40.

Rowan Cruft, 'On the Non-instrumental Value of Basic Rights', pp. 441-61.

Richard L. Lippke, 'Punishing the Guilty, Not Punishing the Innocent', pp. 462-88.

Michael Cholbi, 'A Kantian Defense of Prudential Suicide', pp. 489-515.

Review article
David Sobel, 'The Limits of the Explanatory Power of Developmentalism', pp. 517-27.

Book reviews
T. M. Scanlon's Moral Dimensions: Meaning, Permissibility, and Blame (Travis N. Rieder)

Ben Bradley's Well-being and Death (James Stacey Taylor)

J. L. Kupperman's Ethics and Qualities of Life (Roger Chao)

Referees for Volume 7

Thom Brooks (Newcastle), Editor
Christian Miller (Wake Forest), Reviews Editor

NOTE: The Journal of Moral Philosophy will have a new book series, Studies in Moral Philosophy, to be published by Brill and edited by Thom Brooks with an editorial board. Please contact me *here* if you are interested in submitting a proposal. The series will launch in 2011.

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