Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Brooks Blog: 300,000 Visitor Milestone

This is a very special post for me. In spring 2006, I was encouraged to set up a blog. The primary reason was merely to have an online forum where I could make available drafts of essays I was working on in the hope of soliciting some great feedback. Soon I began posting on issues in public policy, especially on higher education, and issues that grabbed my attention.

Today, the blog meter reports that the Brooks Blog has had more than 300,000 visitors since spring 2006. This is wonderful news and far, far beyond anything I had imagined when I began blogging only a few years ago. Many thanks are necessary. First, my thanks to Brian Leiter who has been very encouraging since the beginning. Thanks must also go to fellow bloggers Matthew Liao, Larry Solum, and Philosopher Anonymous. Finally, my biggest thanks must go to you, the reader, for taking the time to read this blog. The Brooks Blog has grown and adapted over time, but I hope it will continue to attract increasing interest. I have much more in store for the blog in future and hope readers will continue to contribute.

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Alan said...

Always my first daily phi-blog click. No-nonsense, no-ax-to-grind, replete with major blog updates and sensible posts. Congratulations and very deserved!