Monday, January 10, 2011

Graduate study at Newcastle University

Readers interested in pursuing graduate degrees such as a MA, MPhil or PhD might be interested in considering study at Newcastle University. There are several political philosophers in the department, including Derek Bell (environmental politics, metaethics, political philosophy), Thom Brooks (political and legal philosophy), Peter Jones (political philosophy, esp rights), Graham Long (global justice), and Ian O'Flynn (democratic theory) amongst many others. Further information on political philosophy at Newcastle University can be found here.

Current research interests of academic staff include:
* British Idealism (esp Bradley, Bosanquet, Green, Seth)
* The capabilities approach
* Crime and punishment
* Democratic theory

* Environmental ethics and politics
* Feminism
* Global justice (esp cosmopolitanism, nationalism/statism, just war theory)
* Hegel and German Idealism
* Kant
* Liberalism
* Multiculturalism
* Philosophy of law
* Rawls
* Rights (esp human rights and group rights)
* Terrorism
* Toleration

There is also a political philosophy workshop meeting regularly with external and internal speakers. Guest speakers have included Elizabeth Ashford, David Boucher, Rowan Cruft, John Gardner, Carol Gould, Les Green, Chandran Kukathas, Brian Leiter, Susan Mendus, David Miller, Martha Nussbaum, Philip Pettit, Anne Phillips, Thomas Pogge, Joseph Raz, Henry Richardson, Michael Rosen, Robert Stern, Alison Stone, Robert Talisse, Leif Wenar, Jonathan Wolff, and many others. Graduate students are welcome at all workshops. Further information about graduate study at Newcastle can be found here. Information on how to apply online can be found here.

Anyone interested in further information should contact directly here.

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