Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Philosophy journal poll: in your judgment, which journal below is generally best to find higher quality philosophy essays?

Readers will be aware of my recent poll on which philosophy journal is best. The poll examined over 140 philosophy journals and it received nearly 40,000 votes. I have now refined the question and limited the number of journals to 50 in a new poll found HERE.

The 50 journals included in the poll are those journals that scored in the top 50 of the poll of 140+ journals. These journals include the following:

American Philosophical Quarterly
Australasian Journal of Philosophy
British Journal for the History of Philosophy
British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
Canadian Journal of Philosophy
European Journal of Philosophy
History of Philosophy Quarterly
Hume Studies
Journal of Ethics
Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy
Journal of the History of Philosophy

Journal of Moral Philosophy
Journal of Philosophical Logic
Journal of Philosophical Research 
Journal of Political Philosophy
Journal of Philosophy
Linguistics and Philosophy
Midwest Studies in Philosophy

Mind and Language
Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy
Pacific Philosophical Quarterly
Philosophers' Imprint

Philosophical Investigations
Philosophical Papers
Philosophical Quarterly
Philosophical Review
Philosophical Studies
Philosophical Topics
Philosophy Compass
Philosophy & Phenomenological Research
Philosophy & Public Affairs
Philosophy of Science
Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society

Review of Metaphysics
Southern Journal of Philosophy

(Please note that additional journals will not be added.) Results will be posted as the votes come in.

The poll asks a refined question: "In your judgment, which journal below is generally best to find higher quality philosophy essays?" Or, in other words, if you were looking for the best philosophy essays, then which journal would you choose?

The poll will pair two journals from the above list although chosen at random. You will be asked to choose between the two (or note that they are equally good, etc). Please record several votes so that full preferences can be recorded for the poll. Enjoy!

UPDATE: A brief reminder that the NEW poll announced above is meant to be a more narrow exercise including ONLY the top 50 journals in the previous poll. I will NOT be adding more journals -- so please no further recommendations at this time. (You know who you are . . . . )

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