Thursday, January 13, 2011

Philosophy journal rankings: which is best?

I have designed a new quiz at this site where you can vote for which philosophy journal is best. Enjoy!

...and remember to vote early and often!


Kevin M said...

Interesting rankings. As a (moral and political) philosopher of education, though, I have to comment on the curious inclusion of one journal that is not primarily philosophical -- Education, Citizenship and Social Justice -- while neglecting several other education journals that publish a lot of work which draws on contemporary mainstream philosophy from a variety of traditions -- e.g. Theory and Research in Education (Sage), Journal of Philosophy of Education, Educational Philosophy and Theory, and Educational Theory (Wiley-Blackwell), and Ethics and Education (Routledge). These are the main philosophy of ed journals.

A little plug for little old philosophy of ed.

Thom Brooks said...

I don't work in the area and so didn't know all the journals: please submit these suggestions on the website and I'll get them added.

Kevin M said...

Thanks, Thom. Will do. Can't quite manage to see so far how to submit a suggestion specifically to add them to your ranking quiz. But will work on it.


Brian Leiter said...

Thom, you've got way too many journals in this poll, meaning it will take a very long time to get meaningful comparisons--you'll need 100,000 or maybe 200,000 votes to get anything sensible out of this. You might want to redo it with just fifty or so journals.

Thom Brooks said...

Brian - many thanks for this advice...and I think you're right. I will let this play out a bit more, but redesign the poll perhaps with the top 50 journals in this current poll. I'll let you know when this is up -- and any help circulating the link would be extremely appreciated!