Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Republican Party elects new leader

Whatever one's view of the Republican Party, the following news must be worrying. There were four candidates to lead the party, including former leader Michael Steele. Steele then bowed out of the contest leaving just three remaining. It then took not one, not two, not three, and definitely not four nor five certainly not six, but yes seven rounds of voting before Reince Priebus won election. Details here. The several rounds of voting suggests strongly that party leaders were clearly split evenly and there was certainly no clear front runner -- if there was one, then he or she might have won in the second or third round...not seventh round. Clearly, President Obama will benefit from such divided leadership. Who's excited about the next presidential election?
The Brooks Blog is calling the 2012 US Presidential election early.....for Obama. You saw it here first!


meditations71 said...

Why, Republicans may end up feeling as dismayed about Priebus becoming RNC chairman as Labour members and MPs felt about the unions handing them Ed Miliband?

Thom Brooks said...

Republicans should be dismayed because of a clear, deep divide over how the party should position itself now that it has regained the House of Representatives and in light of the 2012 presidential elections.

I don't think Labour members should be dismayed at all. For one thing, unions handed no one Ed Miliband: many of my fellow Labour Party-member academics voted for Ed, including myself. I was delighted at the win.

Moreover, of course, you might have noticed that Labour's opinion poll numbers are excellent and have exceeded 40% for several weeks now: if there was an election held today, then Labour would be in power. This was true prior to Ed Miliband's election as party leader. "We" are in good hands!