Monday, February 21, 2011

The REF Philosophy Panel

. . . that will determine which British philosophy departments are producing the best research and "impact" are:


Professor Alexander Bird
University of Bristol


Dr Julian Baggini
The Philosopher’s Magazine

Professor Nancy Cartwright
London School of Economics and Political Science

Professor Gregory Currie
University of Nottingham

Professor Nicholas Davey
University of Dundee

Professor Katherine Hawley
University of St Andrews

Professor Cynthia Macdonald
Queen's University Belfast

Professor Michael Martin
University College London

Professor Catherine Osborne
University of East Anglia

Professor Thomas Pink
King's College London

Professor Robert Stern
University of Sheffield

Dr Alison Stone
Lancaster University
Professor Raymond Tallis
University of Manchester

Professor Heather Widdows
University of Birmingham

Panel Secretary

Miss Katherine Branch
University of Warwick

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