Tuesday, May 10, 2011

AHRC and the Big Society: the new petition and threat of resignations

ResearchResearch.Com carries the story here. I have promised to resign by the end of next week from the AHRC Peer Review College if nothing is done. I will not be alone. Here are the facts:

1. More than 3,200 colleagues have signed the original petition.

2. Hundred of letters and emails supporting the campaign were sent to the AHRC.

3. Signed letters -- by as many as 150 colleagues in one instance -- were published in leading UK newspapers.

4. A joint statement was agreed by over 30 learned societies without reply as of yet.

5. Articles of support have been written in various news fora including The New Statesman.

6. ...and now 1,200+ have signed the latest petition calling for the immediate removal of "the Big Society" from the AHRC delivery plans for strategic research funding priorities. It further calls on the AHRC Chief Executive to explain why he is unwilling or unable to make a change in light of this genuinely unprecedented opposition and show of support.

Please sign the petition if you have not already!

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