Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The AHRC and "Big Society": News Forthcoming

I understand that the Times Higher will publish an interview with Rick Rylance and we will see a statement by him that will address the petition (highly recommended). There will also be a statement from me appearing on Research Blogs ( tomorrow as well.

The facts:

* More than 3,200 academics have signed a petition calling for the removal of the political campaign slogan "the Big Society" from the AHRC delivery plan. The delivery plan is for the AHRC's strategic research funding priorities. The delibery plan mentions the Big Society five times.

* More than 30 learned societies have agreed a joint statement supporting the petition.

* More than 1,300 academics have signed a new petition published this week calling on the AHRC Chief Executive to explain why he is unwilling or unable to remove the Big Society from the AHRC delivery plan in light of unprecedented opposition to its inclusion from across all subjects and political divides.

We watch and wait.

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