Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why "no to AV" won the vote in the UK

An "inside" account can be found here. My reply:

"So the “No to AV” camp won with the following strategies:

1. Play the man, not the ball. Focus on the fact that Nick Clegg supports the campaign to win support through negative advertising.

2. Run false numbers to scare public. There remains little support for the magic “250″ figure that even the “No to AV” campaign apparently lost interest in.

There are few lessons to learn here. One lesson is that a winning side should never debate on substance or have an argument to persuade the public. Fear tactics and negative campaigning (on personalities, not policies) are enough.

So another mean spirited campaign. It appears that the “No to AV” camp thinks even less of the general public and democratic values than I had thought, if this is any rough “inside” guide…"

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