Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Calling on AHRC Peer Review College members!

Further to recent articles in The Guardian, I am collecting names of AHRC Peer Review College members who are willing to join me and many others in resigning if no action is taken to remove the "Big Society" from the AHRC Delivery Plan.

The facts:
* The AHRC Delivery Plan spells out its strategic research funding priorities. The plan mentions the "Big Society" several times.
* About 4,000 academics signed petitions calling for removal of the "Big Society" from this plan.
* More than 30 learned societies agreed a joint statement calling for its removal.
* The University and College Union (UCU) and Shadow Universities Minister, Gareth Thomas MP, have offered support to this campaign.
* The Rt Hon David Willetts has recently written about the "hazard" of including political campaign slogans in research council delivery plans.

Support is widespread from across disciplines and political divisions. Supporters include Fellows of the British Academy and Royal Society.

I can be contacted here.

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