Thursday, June 30, 2011

Death: Its Meaning, Morality, and Metaphysics conference

The conference website is here.

Death: Its Meaning, Metaphysics, and Morality conference

Politics Building, Newcastle University (UK)
6-7 July 2011

Keynote speakers:

Ben Bradley (Syracuse)
Mary Midgley (Newcastle)

This conference focuses on the meaning, metaphysics, and morality of death. Speakers include:

Timo Airaksinen (Helsinki)
William Baird (Georgia State)
Kathy Behrendt (Wilfrid Laurier)
Stephan Blatti (Memphis)
Ben Curtis (Nottingham)
Jon Garthoff (Northwestern)
Geoffrey Scarre (Durham)
Saul Smilansky (Haifa)
Alex Voorhoeve (LSE)
Aaron Wolf (Syracuse)

This conference is sponsored by the Jean Beer Blumenfeld Center for Ethics at Georgia State University and the Newcastle Ethics, Legal, and Political Philosophy (NELPP) Group at Newcastle University.

Please contact ME if you have any questions.

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