Sunday, June 12, 2011

JOB: 50 new posts at Birmingham!

This announcement just in:

"The University of Birmingham has announced its 'Birmingham Fellowships' scheme. The aim is to recruit 50 top-class postdoctoral researchers to 5-year fellowships, with a permanent position at the end of it subject to satisfactory performance. Details of the scheme are at, and the deadline for applications is 1 September.

While applications from any area of research will be considered, candidates *may* stand a better chance of success if they fall within one of the 'priority areas' identified by the University (click on 'Priority areas'). Of these areas, two are relevant to current research in the Philosophy Department, namely 'Health, Wellbeing and Ethics' and 'Security and Conflict'. In addition, candidates with portable postdoctoral funding (e.g. a BA Postdoc) already in place for at least some of the duration of the Fellowship may stand a higher chance of success. (In both cases, I say 'may' because I genuinely don't know!)

If you are a post-PhD philosopher with an outstanding research record (for your 'academic age') already in place, please do consider applying."

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