Monday, July 18, 2011

Social networks: which is best?

I have used various online media over the years including:








Social Science Research Network (SSRN)

Twitter (formerly Naymz)

Which is the best for communicating research ideas?

UPDATE: There is also Public Philosophy.


Tristan Haze said...

I think blogger and similar services are especially good. I think there was, and still is, a feeling that blogs are more about half-baked philosophical musings, and never anything more. I sort of felt that way for a while -- but of course there's no reason why this should be so. I think the change in attitude has a potential to snowball, as more and more good philosophers start having serious discussions on blogs.

PhilPapers is great, too, but I think it is seriously let down by the way it sorts professional from non-professional authors, and more-or-less hides works by the latter. Other than having a PhD, the only way to get pro status is to publish in one of the journals on the 'most popular' list (not a 'most professional' or 'highest quality' list).

If PhilPapers had been around last century, Saul Kripke's pathbreaking papers in modal logic would have been hidden by the current criteria until well into the Sixties, for all his early publications were in the Journal of Symbolic Logic, which is not on the 'most popular' list. Surely this is a reductio ad absurdum of the current criteria.

(I've already raised this issue in the forum at PhilPapers, but to no avail, so pardon me for soapboxing.)

Matt said...

I use SSRN, BePress, and Academia (and linkedin, but not so much for academic work- more to keep track of professional but non-academic colleagues and contacts.) I have probably had the most luck w/ people reading my work via SSRN, though that's perhaps because law professors use it heavily, much more so than philosophers. I'm always surprised when I find out people get my work via BePress, but I guess they do, from the updates I get. W/ academia, I don't think many people read my work from that page, or so the "page view" feature would indicate, but I do like the feature that lets you know when someone searches for you via google. Just today I wondered who in Romania was (probably) searching for me.