Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Global Justice: a reading list

My reading list on global justice for Introduction to Political Thought:

Brighouse, Harry (2008) ‘Citizenship’, in C. McKinnon (ed.), Issues in Political Theory, ch.11.

* Brock, Gillian (2008) ‘Global Justice’, in C. McKinnon (ed.), Issues in Political Theory, ch.13.

* Brock, Gillian (2009) Global Justice: A Cosmopolitan Account (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

* Brooks, Thom (ed) (2008) The Global Justice Reader (Oxford: Blackwell).

Goodin, Robert (1988) ‘What is So Special about our Fellow Countrymen?’ Ethics 98: 663-86.

Nagel, Thomas (2005) ‘The Problem of Global Justice’, Philosophy and Public Affairs 33: 113-47.

Nussbaum, Martha C. (2002) ‘Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism’ in Joshua Cohen (ed), For Love of Country? Debating the Limits of Patriotism (Boston: Beacon Press), 2-17.

Singer, Peter (1972) ‘Famine, Affluence, and Morality’, Philosophy and Public Affairs 1: 229-43.

Swift (2006) Political Philosophy, ch.2.

Wolff (2006) An Introduction to Political Philosophy, ch.4.

More Detailed/Advanced

Appiah, Kwame Anthony (2006) Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers (London: Penguin).

Banerjee, Abhijit W. and Esther Duflo (2011) Poor Economics: A Radical Rethinking of the Way to Fight Global Poverty (New York: Public Affairs).

Beitz, Charles R. (1999) Political Theory and International Relations, 2nd ed (Princeton: Princeton University Press).

Blake, Michael (2001) ‘Distributive Justice, State Coercion, and Autonomy’, Philosophy and Public Affairs 30: 257-96.

Bobbitt, Philip (2008) Terror and Consent: The Wars for the Twenty-First Century (London: Penguin).

Chatterjee, Deen (ed.) (2004) The Ethics of Assistance: Morality and the Distant Needy (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press).

Dobson, Andrew (2006) ‘Thick Cosmopolitanism’, Political Studies 54: 165-84.

* Fabre, Cecile (2007) Justice in a Changing World (Cambridge: Polity).

Gould, Carol C. (2004) Globalizing Democracy and Human Rights (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press).

Held, David (2010) Cosmopolitanism: Ideals and Realities (Cambridge: Polity).

Hellsten, Sirku (2005) ‘Global Justice and the Demands for Global Responsibility’, Journal of Moral Philosophy 2: 371-79.

Kant, Immanuel, Perpetual Peace (any edition).

Fuller, Lisa (2005) ‘Poverty Relief, Global Institutions, and the Problem of Compliance’, Journal of Moral Philosophy 2: 285-97.

* Jaggar, Alison (2005) ‘“Saving Amina”: Global Justice for Women and Intercultural Dialogue’, Ethics and International Affairs 19: 55-75.

Jaggar, Alison (ed.) (2010) Thomas Pogge and His Critics (Cambridge: Polity).

Margalit, Avishai and Joseph Raz (1990) ‘National Self-Determination’, Journal of Philosophy 87: 439-61.

Mason, Andrew (1997) ‘Special Obligations to Compatriots’, Ethics 107: 427-47.

McMahan, Jeff (2009) Killing in War (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

Miller, David (1995) On Nationality (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

Miller, David (2000) Citizenship and National Identity (Cambridge: Polity).

* Miller, David (2001) ‘Distributing Responsibility’, Journal of Political Philosophy 9: 453-71.

* Miller, David (2007) National Responsibility and Global Justice (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

* Nussbaum, Martha C. (2000) Women and Human Development: The Capabilities Approach (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press).

* O’Neill, Onora (1974) ‘Lifeboat Earth’, Philosophy and Public Affairs 4: 273-92.

O’Neill, Onora (2001) ‘Agents of Justice’, Metaphilosophy 32: 180-95.

Pogge, Thomas W. (1992) ‘Cosmopolitanism and Sovereignty’, Ethics 103: 48-75.

Pogge, Thomas W. (2001) ‘Eradicating Systemic Poverty: Brief for a Global Resources Dividend’, Journal of Human Development 2: 59-77.

* Pogge, Thomas W. (2002) World Poverty and Human Rights (Cambridge: Polity).

Pogge, Thomas W. (ed.) (2007) Freedom from Poverty as a Human Right: Who Owes What to the Very Poor? (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

Rawls, John (1999) The Law of Peoples (Cambridge: Harvard University Press).

Sangiovanni, Andrea (2007) ‘Global Justice, Reciprocity, and the State’, Philosophy and Public Affairs 35: 3-39.

Satz, Debra (2005) ‘What Do We Owe the Global Poor?’ Ethics and International Affairs 19: 47-54.

Scheffler, Samuel (2001) Boundaries and Allegiances: Problems of Justice and Responsibility in Liberal Thought (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

Tan, Kok-Chor (2004) Justice Without Borders: Cosmopolitanism, Nationalism and Patriotism (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press).

Wenar, Leif (2003) ‘What We Owe to Distant Others’, Politics, Philosophy, and Economics 2: 283-304.

Wenar, Leif (2008) ‘Property Rights and the Resource Curse’, Philosophy and Public Affairs 36: 2-32.

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