Monday, September 12, 2011

Thom Brooks (ed.), Ethics and Moral Philosophy

Thom Brooks (ed.), Ethics and Moral Philosophy. Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2011. The publisher's website is here and it's now on Amazon. The table of contents:


Section I: Practical Reason

1. Chrisoula Andreou, "Standards, Advice, and Practical Reasoning"
2. John Broome, "Does Rationality Consist in Responding Correctly to Reasons?"
3. Alison Hills, "Practical Reason, Value and Action"
4. Onora O'Neill, "Normativity and Practical Judgement"

Section II: Particularism

5. Roger Crisp, "Ethics Without Reasons?"
6. Jonathan Dancy, "Defending the Right"

Section III: Moral Realism

7. Russ Shafer-Landau, "Moral and Theological Realism: The Explanatory Argument"
8. Michael Ridge, "Anti-Reductivism and Supervenience"

Section IV: Virtue Ethics

9. Eric Hutton, "Han Feizi's Criticism of Confucianism and Its Implications for Virtue Ethics"
10. Maria W. Merritt, "Aristotelian Virtue and the Interpersonal Aspect of Ethical Character"
11. Jonathan Webber, "Virtue, Character and Situation"

Section V: Ethics and Moral Philosophy

12. Timothy Hall, "Doing Harm, Allowing Harm, and Denying Resources"
13. S. Matthew Liao, "Time-Relative Interests and Abortion"
14. S. Matthew Liao, "The Basis of Human Moral Status"
15. Martin Peterson, "The Mixed Solution to the Number Problem"
16. William Sin, "Trivial Sacrifices, Great Demands"
17. Alison Stone, "Essentialism and Anti-Essentialism in Feminist Philosophy"
18. Jens Timmermann, "Good but Not Required? -- Assessing the Demands of Kantian Ethics"



This is the first volume in the new Studies in Moral Philosophy book series.


Doug Portmore said...

I can't find it on Can you post a link please. Also, is it or will it be available as some sort of ebook?

Thom Brooks said...

It's great to hear from you. I had understood the book was on Amazon and I've a number of other forthcoming books - all appearing after these - uploaded in the last week or two (e.g., Hegel's Philosophy of Right, Justice and the Capabilities Approach, Rawls and Law, Rawls' Political Liberalism). I would expect this up on Amazon any day - and it will appear next month. While I'm unsure if it will be available as an eBook, the papers are available electronically via the Journal of Moral Philosophy: this book is a collection of recent work in the JMP.

Doug Portmore said...