Monday, September 12, 2011

Thom Brooks (ed.), Global Justice and International Affairs


Section I: Sovereignty and Self-Determination

1. Joseph Carens, "The Integration of Immigrants"
2. Nicolaus Tideman, "Secession as a Human Right"

Section II: Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism

3. Michael Green, "Social Justice, Voluntarism, and Liberal Nationalism"
4. Burke Hendrix, "Authenticity and Cultural Rights"
5. Patti Tamara Lenard, "Motivating Cosmopolitanism? A Skeptical View"
6. Igor Primoratz, "Patriotism and Morality: Mapping the Terrain"

Section III: Global Poverty and International Distributive Justice

7. Gillian Brock, "The Difference Principle, Equality of Opportunity, and Cosmopolitan Justice"
8. Lisa Fuller, "Poverty Relief, Global Institutions, and the Problem of Compliance"
9. Tim Hayward, "Thomas Pogge's Global Resources Dividend: A Critique and an Alternative"
10. Gerhard Overland, "Poverty and the Moral Significance of Contribution"
11. Jonathan Seglow, "Associative Duties and Global Justice"

Section IV: War and Terrorism

12. David Lefkowitz, "Partiality and Weighing Harm to Non-Combatants"
13. Gerhard Overland, "Conditional Threats"
14. Eric Reitan, "Defining Terrorism for Public Policy Purposes: The Group-Target Definition"



This is the second title in the new Studies in Moral Philosophy book series.

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