Monday, October 03, 2011

The greatest goal ever scored

Details here.


Neil said...

Um, longest headed goal ever scored. Compare:

The greatest book ever written: the longest book ever written.

Not a soccer fan, I take it?

The Brooks Blog said...

No, I'm a *football* fan. Not the best goal because it was merely long, but quite a header!

Neil said...

Deliberately didn't use the word "football" in deference to your alien origins. I hope correct use of the word was on the citizenship test!


The Brooks Blog said...

Sadly, no questions on football/soccer on UK citizenship test. However, I was asked what kind of sporting event "the Grand National" is (answer: horse racing).

Expect to hear much more on problems re: UK citizenship test. BBC Radio 4 plan to broadcast an interview with me on the test on Monday.