Monday, October 10, 2011

The secret of Chris Huhne's mysterious "tweet" revealed!

Readers will recall our earlier post on what not to tweet if you're a politician, lessons learned from Chris Huhne (Lib Dem). The rumour mills were running wild about what it's secret meaning was and now we know. Readers may have heard about "catgate": the Home Secretary, Theresa May, recently argued at the Conservative Party's annual conference that someone was able to escape deportation because he owned a cat (a story now apparently widely discredited).

Huhne apparently knew that May was not the first to have used this example: it had been used by UKIP's Nigel Farage ealier and perhaps picked up from him. This was the story that he didn't want his "fingerprints" on (see here). So glad you asked?

UPDATE: I am scheduled to appear on BBC Radio 4 today to discuss the UK's immigration test from about 12 noon. I will note the link on BBC iPlayer when available in a separate post.

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