Saturday, October 08, 2011

What periodicals do politicians read?

We now have information here about the newspapers and periodicals most subscribed to by members of the Conservative-led British government. Top marks to those who assumed the lucky winners might be the Daily Telegraph, The Times, and The Economist. The curioisities:

* The Financial Times falls below The Guardian
* The Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, is the only Cabinet member who does have any periodicals and newspapers delivered to his office.
* Only Ken Clarke and Eric Pickles receive The Daily Star

There is this data:

"Taking the Government as a whole, The Times is out on its own with 43 copies going to Ministers' offices. The Financial Times is a close second with 41 copies, while the Guardian and the Daily telegraph tie for third place on 36 copies, just one ahead of the Daily Mail on 35. The Independent seems to be more popular among junior Ministers than The Sun, nudging ahead with 30 copies to the Sun's 26, with the Mirror, Express Star and the 'i' newspaper bringing up the rear."

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