Monday, November 07, 2011

Association for Political Thought (UK & Ireland) elections

The Association for Political Thought (UK & Ireland) has three (of six) elected positions open with Thom Brooks (Secretary), Duncan Kelly, and Aletta Norval stepping down. Remaining members include:

* Richard Bellamy (Chair)
* Elizabeth Frazer (Treasurer)
* Jeremy Jennings, plus ex officio members:

* a representative of the Ireland Association for Political Thought (currently Iseult Honohan)
* the convenor of the Oxford Conference (Iain Hampshire-Monk)
* a representative of the Manchester Political Theory Workshops (now run by MANCEPT).

We can also co-opt up to two members, and the Committee wish to co-opt Aletta Norval, who provides support for the e mail list via Essex and also represents the growing number of graduate political theory conferences, of which Essex is perhaps the longest running. We are also proposing to amend the constitution to allow us to also have as ex-officio members Tim Hayward as the convenor of PTEL and the convenor of the PSA Political thought Standing Group (currently Evangelia Sembou).

Please send all nominations - proposed and seconded by at least two members of BI APT - to the outgoing Secretary Thom Brooks , who will be acting as returning officer. The elections, if necessary, as well as the proposals for an amendment to the Constitution, will take place at the Oxford Political Thought Conference 4-4.30 Friday 6 January. Members of the Association unable to attend will be able to vote electronically. We will notify members of suitable arrangements should they be necessary.

Nominations should be sent to me by 21st December.

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