Friday, December 16, 2011

Thom Brooks on "After Fukushima Daiichi: New Global Institutions for Improved Nuclear Power Policy"

This essay is forthcoming in Ethics, Policy & Environment and the draft can be found here. The abstract:

"This comment argues for the importance of global institutions to regulate nuclear power. Nuclear power presents challenges across national borders irrespective of whether plants are maintained safely. There are international agreements in place on the disposal of nuclear waste, an issue of great concern in terms of environmental and health effects for any nuclear power policy. However, there remains a pressing need for an international agreement to ensure the safe maintenance of nuclear facilities. Safe nuclear power beyond waste disposal should receive more attention. Nuclear power policy is often a matter of purely state interest with national governments alone responsible for regulating the safe maintenance of nuclear facilities. It ought not be left to national governments alone to regulate the safe administration of nuclear power given the many threats to environmental safety and public health. This comment argues that global institutions may best address this problem. The comment concludes with recommendations on how nuclear power policy might be regulated."

Comments are most welcome.

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Dan Yurman said...

This idea is being circulated with regard to the concept of reliable fuel services and international fuel banks.

The objective is to stem the rise of dual use uranium enrichment facilities which can support both commercial nuclear power and weapons.