Monday, January 23, 2012

New website launched -

I have promised some big news on this blog in recent days. My first big announcement is twofold.

First, I have launched a new website here - There are a few bugs left to fix and I expect the website will be 100% functional from tomorrow. The website will replace my current Newcastle site here. The new website will include the latest updates on new publications and media links.

Secondly, I intend to spend much less time blogging to devote more attention to other projects, including writing more for other outlets. I had originally planned to close the blog entirely, but the shock expressed by Spiros convinced me to suspend this plan for now.

Originally, the Brooks Blog provided me with a much needed outlet. I had wanted to post drafts of my papers and my university did not yet have the facilities in place to permit this. Over time the Brooks Blog posted more on higher education and political commentary moving beyond highlighting my latest drafts and publications. And so it has continued for almost six years now.

The Brooks Blog has introduced me to new friends and colleagues from across the UK, Europe, North America, and beyond. I have benefited enormously from brilliant insights and comments on current affairs and my own research. I suspect there will be more to come in future, but note it will become much less frequent.

My suspicion is that the days of lone bloggers is coming to an end. The rise and rise of new group blogs, not least APPS, has been exciting. It has been impossible to keep up as a lone blogger with the excellent work appearing at APPS, PEA Soup, Feminist Philosophers, Labour Left, and many other group blogs. Instead of continuing on my own, I plan to join forces with others and primarily in the area of British politics and public policy rather than academic philosophy and higher education. This is where my interests have been moving in recent months and years and where I plan to dedicate more time.

The Brooks Blog has become something of an elderly gent in the blogging world. Most blogs have died after 1-2 years whereas my blog has run since early spring 2006. I have long felt it was time to move on to new challenges. I have a second major announcement forthcoming on new changes at the Journal of Moral Philosophy as well.

So it's not the end for this blog, but readers should expect less frequent posts in future. After 360,000+ "hits" and hundreds of comments, etc., I can only thank you, the reader, for making this all worthwhile. It is often remarked how difficult and even callous academic philosophy has become. This has never been my experience and I am deeply grateful for the fun that blogging has brought me.

If you haven't blogged before, then I recommend you try it. But as a group blog. In the meantime, I can be found over here and on Twitter (@thom_brooks). Until next time . . .


Alan said...

Your site has been one that I checked almost daily, and I frequently have been awestruck by your ability to keep up the high quality of all your pursuits. But there really are just so many hours in a day! Well done Thom, and good luck! (And I agree with your assessment of the future of blogging.)

The Brooks Blog said...

Thanks so much, Alan!!

CTS said...

Completely agree with Alan and looking forward to following you on your new site.

Becca said...

I've been visiting your site for many times. Like what Allan said, you have many quality post that keep us coming back here.
hope more valuable post.