Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Top Blog Posts for 2011


The APA Newsletter on Women, Philosophy, and Philosophy Journals

The top 50 philosophy journals

Sarah Palin's political future post-Tucson

Why publish philosophy articles?


New worries about British higher education reform

Why not let prisoners vote? 

For joint appointments

A war on British universities?

Politicians and "the vision thing" 


The petition to remove the "Big Society" from the AHRC delivery plan

What is a university graduate?


32 learned societies call on the AHRC to remove the "Big Society" from their delivery plan

Why Labour should not become "Blue Labour" 

The AHRC and the "Big Society" 

Why not charge £9,000?


David Willetts, the "Big Society" and campaign slogans

The audience of scholarly research 

The "Big Society" relaunch fiasco

More on Rylance, the AHRC, and the "Big Society"

Prediction: there will be no House of Lords reform 

My advice for Ed Miliband 

Election 2011: Results and Analysis


Public sector pension reform: my advice for the Prime Minister

Senior academics resign from the AHRC Peer Review College over "Big Society" 


The end of Blue Labour?

Professional associations and joining the profession

The Journal of Moral Philosophy joins Thomson Reuters ISI

Newcastle philosophers have "Big Ideas for the Future"

A Connecticut Yankee in King Alan's Court  

The unified theory of punishment makes "Big Ideas for the Future" report 


The Brooks Blog ranked in top 50 blogs

My advice for politicians on the recent riots 


Should the UK raise its speed limit?

Bin "localism"

Journal rankings in Philosophy 

The Research Council Satisfaction Survey: an idea whose time has come?

The Brooks Blog ranked in top 100 amongst Labour Party blogs

The UK citizenship test: fit for purpose?


Two strikes...and you're out

Philip Blond's "Big Society"

Everyone seems to agree with me on the UK citizenship test 

What can politicians do about immigration? 

Lessons in political survival: when all else fails, smile

The government's big gamble: reading the latest poverty statistics

The AHRC and the Big Society: the next chapter

George Osborne's secret millions 


Why academies are a bad idea 

Retribution and capital punishment 

The latest on UK immigration policy  

The UK summer riots and criminality


Tories cannot be trusted with the economy

After Fukushima Daiichi: on nuclear power policy 

The AHRC rewrites history

The Big Society is in Big Trouble


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