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Thom Brooks, Punishment - pre-order discounts

Punishment is the most comprehensive monograph on the subject available. It is accessible for readers coming to the topic for the first time with new arguments and developments in each chapter that will be of interest to those already working in the field, including the defence of a new theory of punishment: the unified theory of punishment and its ideal of punitive restoration.

The blurb:

"Punishment is a topic of increasing importance for citizens and policy makers. Why should we punish criminals? Which theory of punishment is most compelling? Is the death penalty ever justified? These questions and many others are addressed in this highly engaging guide. Punishment is a critical introduction to the philosophy of punishment offering a new and refreshing approach that will benefit readers of all backgrounds and interests. This is the first critical guide to examine all leading contemporary theories of punishment, including the communicative theory of punishment, restorative justice, and the unified theory of punishment. There are also several case studies examined in detail including capital punishment, juvenile offending, and domestic abuse.
Punishment highlights the problems and prospects of different approaches in order to argue for a more pluralistic and compelling perspective that is novel and groundbreaking. This book is designed to introduce both undergraduate and graduate students to the topic of punishment. It will be essential for undergraduate students in: philosophy, criminal justice, criminology, justice studies, law, politics, and sociology."

The table of contents:


Part I: General theories
Chapter I: Retributivism
Chapter II: Deterrence
Chapter III: Rehabilitation
Chapter IV: Restorative justice

Part II: Hybrid theories
Chapter V: Rawls, Hart, and "mixed" theories 
Chapter VI: Expressivist theories
Chapter VII: The unified theory

Part III: Case studies
Chapter VIII: Capital punishment
Chapter IX: Juvenile offenders
Chapter X: Domestic abuse
Chapter XI: Sexual crimes


Punishment is available for pre-order at a special discount from the Routledge website here. Quote PUN12 and receive a 20% discount. Offer expires July 29, 2012. Complimentary exam copies are available as well. Punishment will be available as an e-book after its publication in print this June.

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