Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Life in the UK test fiasco continues - 2 of 3 books for applicants still not published

The government launched its new Life in the United Kingdom citizenship test this past Monday. Applicants must answer 24 questions in 45 minutes. They must get 18 or more correct to pass.

Questions test knowledge in the new third edition of the test. See recent blog posts for comments on problems I've identified already.

There is a further problem. There are TWO further books that applicants are recommended to acquire and read PRIOR to sitting the test. The problem is THEY HAVE NOT YET BEEN PUBLISHED. Don't take my word for it. GO HERE AND SEE FOR YOURSELF.

It is further surprising that no one in the press -- to my knowledge -- has yet broken this important story about the deeply flawed launch of the new citizenship test. My hope is that this post will help draw further attention.

Needless to say, the government should never have launched the test until AFTER all three recommended/required books were published so that applicants sitting the test on launch day were not more disadvantaged than persons sitting the test a week or two later.

If this looks and sounds like the story of a test that was rushed too quickly to publication, it might be because this is the case.

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