Friday, June 28, 2013

Advice for Publishing Philosophy

. . . can be found HERE. The abstract:

"Graduate students often lack concrete advice on publishing. This essay is an attempt to fill this important gap. Advice is given on how to publish everything from book reviews to articles, replies to book chapters, and how to secure both edited book contracts and authored monograph contracts, along with plenty of helpful tips and advice on the publishing world (and how it works) along the way in what is meant to be a comprehensive, concrete guide to publishing that should be of tremendous value to graduate students working in any area of the humanities and social sciences."


Alan said...

Thom--I knew about this but hadn't taken the time to read it until now. This is an invaluable resource for younger philosophers, and even taught this old coot a thing or two. Furthermore, as an essay it stands as a great example on its own about writing clearly and logically!

The Brooks Blog said...

High praise coming from you -- thanks so much!