Saturday, September 07, 2013

Policy Proposal #1: One Nation Politics and the Stakeholder Society

This post is part of a series of policy proposals submitted to the Labour Party by me for inclusion in the 2015 manifesto.

One Nation politics is about creating a stakeholder society

Stakeholding is not relevant to economic policy alone. In fact, it speaks to a deep rooted fundamental principle of political solidarity that resonates profoundly with Labour's historical record and embedded in One Nation politics. Labour must 'reclaim from conservatives the right to define what makes markets free and fair'; the idea of a stakeholder society can be central to this goal.
Stakeholding is a view about society where those who have a stake should have say. This is no less true over the economy than it is in other spheres of political justice and it reaffirms the value of the
individual. At a time where people have felt alienated, defending stakeholding helps illuminate the problems and their solutions. Only the idea of the stakeholder society reveals why voter alienation and political disengagement is a major problem. The public are stakeholders: it is essential that our political future is a place where they believe have a stake.

Stakeholding is a politics of hope rather than a politics of fear; it unites rather than divides. If we fail to work toward a future that all can and should believe they have a stake, then why engage with politics in the first place? We sow the seeds of further distrust and alienation in failing to create a vision for a stakeholder society for all.


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