Monday, March 31, 2014

Lights, Camera, Parliament!

I enjoyed taking part in this entry to the Lights, Camera, Parliament! national competition in the UK by the local Macmillan Academy - which won the runner up prize for secondary schools!

Studies in Global Justice

I'm delighted to have accepted a seat on the editorial board for the terrific book series Studies in Global Series led by Deen Chatterjee (Utah) and published by Springer. The series can be found here - with a dozen highly impressive (and important) contributions to the field already in print. Fellow board members include

Series Editor
Deen K. Chatterjee, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, U.S.A.

Editorial Board
Elizabeth Ashford, University of St. Andrews, U.K. Gillian Brock, University of Auckland, New Zealand Thom Brooks, Durham University, UK Simon Caney, Oxford University, UK Hiram E. Chodosh, University of Utah, U.S.A. Michael Doyle, Columbia University, U.S.A. Andreas Follesdal, University of Oslo, Norway Carol Gould, Hunter College, U.S.A. Virginia Held, City University of New York, U.S.A. Alison Jaggar, University of Colorado, U.S.A. Jon Mandle, SUNY, Albany, U.S.A. Richard W. Miller, Cornell University, U.S.A. Sanjay Reddy, The New School for Social Research, U.S.A. Joel H. Rosenthal, President, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs Kok-Chor Tan, University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Leif Wenar, King's College London, U.K. Veronique Zanetti, University of Bielefeld, Germany

Many thanks to Sciences Po-Paris

. . . for hosting my talk on "Punitive Restoration" as part of their Faculty Seminars. The discussing was absolutely terrific and I enjoyed every minute. One of the most enjoyable seminars I've had and highly impressive political theory taking place...

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

CFP: Tennessee Value and Agency Conference

Tennessee Value and Agency “TVA” Conference

2014 Conference – November 6-9, 2014
Practical Reason, Moral Judgment and Moral Sense, Sensibility and Sentiment in the Moral Life

Call For Abstracts

The 2014 Tennessee Value and Agency “TVA” Conference will take place November 6-9, 2014, on the University of Tennessee Campus, 1210 McClung Tower.  The conference will focus on (rethinking) the relationships between practical reason, moral judgment and moral
sense, sensibility and sentiment in the moral life, with an eye toward bringing structure and clarity to the aims and ambitions of current work in moral psychology and moral theory.  Keynote speakers will be Amelie Rorty (Tufts) and Talbot Brewer (UVA).  To have a paper considered for presentation, please submit a 500 word abstract (for a paper no longer than 40 minutes presentation time; if you plan to read your paper
this means a paper no more than 4000 words) by July 1, 2014, to   The authors of abstracts/papers selected for presentation will be notified by August 15, 2014, and the conference program will be set and announced by September 1, 2014.   Please direct questions (but not abstracts) to David Reidy,

The UT Philosophy Department’s annual Tennessee Value and Agency “TVA” Conference was inaugurated in the fall of 2012.  The Conference focuses on and advances work in two areas central to the Department’s research mission and graduate program:  value theory and agency/action theory.  Each year there is a conference theme, addressed by keynote speakers and roughly a dozen presenters selected by the conference organizers upon blind review of abstracts received in response to an internationally distributed call for abstracts.  (See the program for the 2012 “TVA” conference here, and the 2013 “TVA” conference here.)  The conference takes place over a Thursday through Sunday in the fall term.  The Conference is free and open to the public; students and scholars with special interests in the conference theme are encouraged to attend.  Participants and attendees enjoy high quality sessions with lively and productive discussions that typically spill over to receptions, meals, and so on.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Brooks quoted in new Labour Party consultation on criminal justice

Delighted to find I am quoted in the new UK Labour Party's policy consultation 'stronger, safer communities' on criminal justice policy here.

Readers will see my comment is connected to my work on what I've called punitive restoration - a reimagining of restorative justice as a kind of stakeholder justice with a greater diversity of options to better embed restorative justice in the criminal justice system. This idea of punitive restoration is an illustration of my novel unified theory of punishment which appears - in its own chapter - in my Punishment book. My work on the unified theory is cited as one of the top 100 Big Ideas for the Future at British universities as recognised by Research Councils UK.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Measuring journal impact in Canadian universities

There is an interesting document here -- using journal rankings data provided by this blog & the Leiter Reports -- worth a look.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Work for the Labour Party

. . . information about current posts can be found here.