Monday, April 28, 2014

Alcohol and Public Policy

. . . is the title of my latest book found here. The blurb:

"Alcohol and its consumption is a major topic for public policy-making. Growing awareness of alcohol-related health problems among the general public has led to high levels of interest in alcohol consumption and its impact on society. This innovative collection of new perspectives on this critically important issue is informed by a leading group of international social scientists. Topics covered include alcoholism, the family, minimum pricing, paternalistic controls, and Socially Responsible Investment programs. Together, these essays reveal illuminating new insights into how public policy might be improved.

This book was originally published as a special issue of Contemporary Social Science."

The contents:

Foreword David Canter 

 1. Introduction Thom Brooks (revised)

 2. Combatting alcohol addiction: findings from the United States Daniel Yalisove  (new)

 3. Alcohol, risks and public policy Thom Brooks (new)

 4. Socially Responsible Investment in the alcohol industry: an assessment of investor attitudes and ethical arguments Boudewijn de Bruin 

 5. Two decades and a Category 5 hurricane later…tracking homeless substance abusers in New Orleans Rachel L. Rayburn 

 6. Alcohol and the family Woody Caan 

 7. The borders of booze Britain: alcohol controls and nationality Tom Henri 

 8. Minimum pricing for alcohol: a Millian perspective Ben Saunders 

 9. Respectable drinkers, sensible drinking, serious leisure: single-malt whisky enthusiasts and the moral panic of irresponsible Others Karl Spracklen 

 10. Storytelling: Walter Benjamin and recovery from alcoholism Joel C. Beaupre

I should add the book includes two never before published essays -- one by me on risk

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