Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Prof Thom Brooks - Inaugural Lecture on "Why Hegel Matters"

My Inaugural Lecture on Why Hegel Matters takes places next week on Thursday, 16 October 2014 at University College, Durham (known locally as Durham Castle) from 8.00-9.00pm in the Senate Suite.

A brief blurb:

G. W. F. Hegel is a 19th Century philosopher widely held to be one of the most important and obscure in the canon. In his Inaugural Lecture, Professor Thom Brooks addresses why Hegel’s philosophical insights should have importance for us today in thinking about ethics, law and public policy.
Thom Brooks is Professor of Law and Government at Durham University’s Law School, Director of the Centre for Criminal Law and Criminal Justice and an Associate member of the Philosophy Department. His books include Punishment (2012), Hegel’s Political Philosophy (2007, 2d 2013) and he co-edited Rawls’s Political Liberalism with Martha C. Nussbaum. Brooks is well known for his work in criminal justice - his ‘unified theory of punishment’ is identified by RCUK as one of the Top 100 Big Ideas for the Future (2009) – and immigration, publishing the only comprehensive report on the UK citizenship test which has been cited in several Parliamentary debates. Brooks is the 2014 ‘Lecturer of the Year’ for his Faculty.

Please register your attendance in advance of the event.

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