Sunday, August 02, 2015

UPDATED: My thoughts on the Calais migrant crisis

I've been interviewed by a number of media organisations over the last few days, including BBC News, Sky News, Al Jazeera (2x) and France 24 and several radio stations such as BBC Radio Newcastle (from 01:09:00) and BBC Radio Tees (from 27.30).

I've written a short post for the leading Labour Party blog LabourList on how the current crisis should be addressed. In short, there should be less finger-pointing and more cooperation at several levels. First, the UK and France must work more closely together to calm current tensions, but realise any measures are likely to only affect the short-term. Secondly, they should work together with their EU counterparts on a more effective strategy for handling asylum claims and tackling illegal human trafficking. If not, the Calais crisis will only continue for much longer.

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