Monday, August 10, 2015

UK Foreign Secretary sounds unsure if his govt has "a grip" on migration crisis

The British Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, is changing his mind daily about whether his government is in control of the current EU migration crisis in Calais and elsewhere.

Only about 24 hours ago, Hammond said that the UK government has got "a grip" on the situation in Calais and turned a corner. He didn't come armed with evidence, but had much tough rhetoric giving clear assurances that all was well.

Today, an interview with Hammond is being widely reported where he says that EU is being invaded by "marauding" migrants in language some will see as more inflammatory that Cameron's comment regarding the UK being "swamped" by migrants.

One day this week Hammond says all is under control. Now he says the European way of life(!) is under threat. So which is it, Foreign Secretary?

Looks like yet more evidence this is a government that has tough sounding talk on immigration, but few effective ideas. Another reason why they could do with advice from those of us who are migrants to the UK...

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