Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hate crime offenders should sign a Hate Crime Offenders Register

Very pleased to see a policy that I've been arguing for since 2013 -- and more recently submitted written evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee in Parliament last year -- has made a big splash in the press today. This was followed by two television interviews and another two interviews on national radio.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Research Fellowship -- at St Mary's College of the University of Durham. Join today!

St Mary’s College Research Fellowship

This annual scheme allows a Visiting Fellow to come to Durham University to be based at St Mary’s College for up to one term. The Fellowship provides the recipient with food and accommodation in College during the period of residence. By negotiation and depending on need, the fellowship may also provide a contribution towards travel costs to Durham from the Scholar’s home institution.

• The purpose of the fellowship is to allow researchers from outside the University to spend a period of time resident in the College to undertake work in conjunction with any academic department in Durham.

• Each Fellow will be expected to participate in College activities and make a research presentation at the College during their residence which will be open to the public and to colleagues from across the University.

• Applicants must be educated to postgraduate level.

• Applicants from overseas must be eligible to enter the UK as an Academic Visitor (see: )

• The Fellowship is normally tenable for a maximum of one term (either Epiphany term 2018 or Easter term 2018), though shorter periods are possible. Visiting Fellows must visit for one consecutive period.

Application Procedure: Each applicant for a St Mary’s College Research Fellowship must submit a proposal of up to three pages (maximum) describing the purpose and proposed focus of the fellowship. Applications must be accompanied by a letter from the supporting academic department.

The proposal must be accompanied by a curriculum vitae, a proposed travel budget, and two letters of reference. All application materials must be submitted by the 24 April 2017 (first day of Easter term 2017).

Applications should be submitted to:

Selection Criteria: Proposals received will be reviewed by a small panel of academic members of the College, chaired by the Principal.

Final decisions will be made and the successful applicant notified of their appointment by the end of Easter term (23 June 2017).