Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Thom Brooks statement on government's latest Brexit plans

* Over a year since Britain's shock vote for Brexit and the very latest thinking from government is we should effectively keep inside the EU's Customs Union for tariff free trade with the EU, but without being a EU member or following its rules. If this wishful thinking is the best Theresa May can do, her leadership is neither strong, stable or smart.
* While David Davis argues that the EU should agree these terms to avoid unnecessary and avoidable tariffs and restrictions at borders, he is quick to forget that it was the UK that unnecessarily and avoidably decided to leave.
* If Britain really does want to leave the EU club, then it should accept costs will rise as a non-member and restrictions will become more burdensome. If this seems unnecessary and a step backward, then all the more reason to fundamentally rethink why leave the EU when there is much more the Brexiteers want to keep than lose.