Friday, June 29, 2018

Congrats to the Durham Law School class of 2018!

My message to students:

Dear students,
On behalf of my Durham Law School colleagues, I wanted to write to everyone and congratulate you on your outstanding success this graduation day. We’re a top 5 UK law school ranked in the top 50 internationally. Our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes from LLB to PhD have high entry standards and our degrees are highly valued world-wide. This is all partly thanks to the hard work of our academic and support staff, but also partly thanks to the hard work of all you during your studies.
One of my particularly enjoyable tasks as Dean is meeting with firms, chambers and other employers. These visits are so enjoyable for me because I hear from everyone I meet about how impressed they are by the quality of our programmes and the students they produce.

But I enjoy even more reaching out to our brilliant alumni and hearing about their happy and memorable times at Durham, but their continuing life-long interest in the rising success of our Law School. Your being a member of our Law School might have started when admitted, but it does not end at graduation. I encourage everyone to please keep in touch and let us know how we might be in touch with you about Law networking events and more in the UK and around the world that are a new permanent feature of how we will connect and support our students from entry throughout their careers.

You’ll know we always welcome our graduates back – from Lord Hughes and Lady Black on the Supreme Court as well as Lord Justice McFarlane on the Court of Appeal (who receives an honorary doctorate this afternoon) to partners, trainees, barristers-in-training and much more – because we care about your success. Your stories will inspire our future students just as our alumni’s stories have inspired you.

Your alma mater is moving in the right direction. We are increasing academic staff and expanding options, starting with Chinese Law on the LLB in Michaelmas. We’ll be launching the UK’s largest Centre for Chinese Law this autumn. From September, BARBRI will hold on-site tutorials for the New York State Bar Exam (and the California State Bar Exam) at Grey College – more info:  And there is more to announce soon.
So many congratulations to you all from all of us in Durham Law School! Please keep in touch and we wish you every success for the future.
Warmest wishes,