Tuesday, December 28, 2021

My most productive year - 2021?

I have been fortunate to have some productive years in the past publishing articles. For example, in 2007, I published one monograph, one edited book and eight articles.

But in 2021, I've published several books, including:

Punishment (completely revised, expanded second edition and especially pleased with the newly rewritten "unified theory of punishment" chapter citing my work quoted in support of ending the death penalty in my native state of Connecticut in the majority opinion of the Connecticut Supreme Court)

Climate Change Ethics for an Endangered World (book length expanded version of my target article "How Not to Save the Planet," making a substantial and novel contribution to the climate change debate)

The Trust Factor (finished but printed next month collecting op-ed columns written for the Daily Telegraph, The Independent and others over the last two decades with new pieces) 

and Reforming the UK's Citizenship Test: Building Bridges, Not Barriers (also finished and printed in February).

I've also published an edited book currently finishing its way through production - Political Emotions: Towards a Decent Public Sphere (with papers examining Martha Nussbaum's work in this area, with a major new response by Nussbaum)

Plus, another eight articles or chapters - including my new entry on Hegel's political and social philosophy for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

I expect much more to come now that I have finished my term as Dean with much more time to write and a 2+ year research sabbatical.