Friday, April 28, 2023

Like a Bad Pub Quiz: The Life in the UK citizenship test

 I've posted a new report on SSRN: 

Like a Bad Pub Quiz: The "Life in the UK" Citizenship Test and New Concerns with Errors, Monitoring and Test Centre Inspections

The Life in the United Kingdom test is an essential part of British immigration and nationality law and policy. No major party proposes curtailing or ending its use for future naturalisation applications. It is a serious concern that the test remains unfit for purpose “like a bad pub quiz” with problems old and new with its design, implementation and monitoring. The test is urgently in need of significant reform. This Report reveals new factual errors, concerns with monitoring and test centre inspections. The Report makes 11 key recommendations for how the test can be improved and monitored more effectively.

Monday, April 17, 2023

Thom Brooks on British Idealism: A Bibliography

 I literally stumbled into British Idealism. I took the only political theory MA course on offer that term while a graduate student at Arizona State University called liberalism old and new. It started with Hegel, then T H Green and L T Hobhouse before ending with John Dewey. While I found the readings challenging, I found the material highly interesting as it was very different from the standard fare. 

I have always had an interest in exploring key works in the history of political thought, but what interests me most about British Idealism work is how it seeks to be relevant in communicating to us today. I've seen large parts of my work as a new wave of British Idealist thinking (with a strong interest in institutions and realism). 

Recently, I was asked to compile a list of my work that is about or touches on British Idealism. Here it is:

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